Kapital fm, radio station in Abuja Nigeria

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and is located right in the center of the country, with an estimated population of 778,567 inhabitants who enjoy being informed, entertained and communicated through radio media such as the Kapital fm station.

About the city of Abuja

Abuja is known as the best planned city in all of Africa and represents the capital of Nigeria with an area of ​​approximately 7,315 km².

As in other countries of the world, in Nigeria the media have been enabled with the purpose of informing, entertaining and keeping its citizens informed. An example of this is Nigerian radio, in which the following stations stand out:

  • BBC Hausa.
  • Nigeria Info FM 99.3 Lagos.
  • resh 105.9 FM.
  • Lagos Talks 91.3 FM.
  • RFI Hausa.
  • Lagelu FM.
  • Freedom Radio 99.5 FM.
  • Yoruba FM.
  • Capital fm.

These are just some of the many radio stations that operate in the country and that today, thanks to advances in technology, are not only heard within their national limits but worldwide because many of them broadcast online through the Internet. .

In this opportunity we offer a brief review about one of the most prominent stations in Abuja, capital of Nigeria, we refer to Kapital fm, precisely.

Kapital fm radio station

The radio station Kapital fm was established as a national station in Buja that began operating in 1980 and since then has been an information, entertainment and communication medium at the service of the citizens of the capital.

Radio programming of this station

It offers varied programming that interests and entertains radio listeners who tune their transistor to 92.9 daily to enjoy them, these are some of the most outstanding programs of the station:

  • Abuja Today, a program dedicated to sharing current national and international news.
  • Searchlight, a radio program where news, music, sports and talks are shared with local citizens.
  • Abuja Express, offers varied content to listeners.
  • Gwagwalada Highpoint,
  • BKTShow.

Featured announcers of Kapital fm

The variety of content offered on the Kapital fm station would not be so acclaimed if it did not have the charismatic announcers who are in charge of them.

In this sense, it is opportune to mention in this review some of the pioneering broadcasters from Abuja who were in charge of the programs at the beginning of the Kapital fm station:

  • Isa Iya Pai.
  • Kandi Abidi.
  • Late Jubril Ubale.
  • Mohammed Power.
  • Poturia Hassan.

As you can see, they are prominent broadcasters with extensive experience in Nigeria. If you wish, you can get more information about them on the main social networks.

Kapital fm can also be heard online

Nigerian radio station Kapital fm broadcasts its programs globally through its official website radionigeria.gov.ng. Obviously, being a Nigerian radio station broadcasts its content in English.

Additional information about this radio station in Nigeria

We have already covered as much information as is available about Kapital fm, a prominent radio station in the Nigerian capital. Below, we offer some more specific information that may be useful to anyone who wants to know more about it:

Location: Abuja, Nigeria.
Genres: This station broadcasts music from around the world and public content in Nigeria.
Networks: Kapital fm is available in the Netherlands international directory.
Language: Being a Nigerian radio station, it broadcasts in English, although the musical content can be in different languages ​​depending on its origin.
Contact: In case you want to go personally to the studios of Kapital fm station, this is their address: FRCN National Headquaters, Radio House, Herbert Macaulay Way Area 10, PMB 452, Garki, Abuja (09) 8734228
Website: www.radionigeria.gov.ng/
Email: [email protected]

If you want more information about this station and other radio stations that broadcast their content in Nigeria, we invite you to read other articles that we have published and are already available on our blog.

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